Abattis Bioceuticals develops and integrates new life science and biotechnology applications through its portfolio of assets serving the legal cannabis industry in Canada.

We Make Strategic Investments In Key Areas of the Industry

Abattis is a specialized life sciences and biotechnology company based in British Columbia, Canada. Through our wholly owned subsidiaries, we are engaged in aggregating, integrating and investing in agricultural technologies and biotechnology services for the legal cannabis industry. 

Our portfolio of investments in strategic areas of the industry includes advanced research operations, laboratory facilities and staff, as well as vertically integrated product, brand and marketing operations.

Focus Areas

Legal Producers & Applicants

Controlled Substance License Holders

Consumer Products & Brands

Our Assets

Northern Vine Labs™ 

A subsidiary of Abattis, Northern Vine Labs™ is poised to become a premier analytical testing laboratory, and research and development partner to the mass of companies emerging in the legal cannabis space in Canada.

The ability to work legally with cannabis is a rare designation and remains a highly specialized and coveted position within the research sector.

Northern Vine Lab's™ Controlled Substance License provides the company with the unique ability to offer proprietary methods and services to current licensed producers within Canada’s existing Federal regulatory structure. It also gives Northern Vine Labs'™ customers, including Abattis subsidiaries or affiliates, the ability to formulate and develop new products containing cannabinoid ingredients in anticipation of future widened legal market distribution.

Vergence Naturals

Launched by Abattis in 2016, Vergence Naturals is an integrated product company focused on innovative health offerings to penetrate the fast growing market for natural, safe and effective solutions to two of society’s unresolved and ubiquitous health issues: pain caused by inflammation and mental ailments effected by modern lifestyles.

Vergence Naturals is guided by skilled nutraceutical marketing and brand specialists with years of success in the traditional nutraceutical and formulations business. They are applying their previous successes to the new, burgeoning CDB and cannabinoid formulations market for natural products.