Abattis Medical Advisory Board Chairman Brazos Minshew, MSc, ND presents Thyroid Cancer Update in Austin, Texas USA

The Chairman of Abattis’ Medical Advisory Board presented an update to physicians on the explosive growth in thyroid cancer diagnosis in North America. He states, “While many cancers are in decline in North America - especially those related to smoking cessation - the number of thyroid cancers are increasing at an alarming rate. Today, thyroid cancer diagnosis is the fastest growing diagnosis among women and men. Thyroid cancer is the most common cancer in women age 20 to 34.”

Statistics support these assertions. According to the American Cancer Society, the chance of being diagnosed with thyroid cancer has tripled over the last three decades. The predominant clinical feature of thyroid cancer is the thyroid nodule. Up to 70% of people will have a thyroid nodule. Up to 5% of these nodules are malignant. “That means that in a gathering of 20 people, 14 people will have a thyroid nodule on ultrasound and one of them will likely be cancerous at some time” says Minshew.

Quoting an article in the Journal, Endocrine Related Cancer (2014) Minshew continues, “Repositioning of established non-cancer pharmacotherapeutic agents with well-known activity and side-effect profiles is a promising avenue for the development of new treatment modalities for multiple cancer types... For instance, the derivatives of cannabis and an anti-diabetic agent, metformin, both are able to inhibit ERK, which is commonly activated in Thyroid Cancer cells.” -Kushchayeva

The function of Abattis Medical Advisory Board is to continually shine a spotlight on the importance of phytocannabinoids and the Endocannabinoid System in the treatment of immune-related disorders.